Class Categories

Beginning Student ( 0 Class )

If you are new to art or perhaps returning after a long hiatus, then the best place to start is with one of Beginning Art Classes.  These classes are designed for students with little to no experience, students with no formal art training, and for those looking for a refresher course to brush up on the basic concepts and techniques of both drawing and painting.

Continuing Student ( 0 Class )

After learning the basic fundamentals of drawing and painting, it's time to develop your artistic style and further your experience and knowledge base with a wide variety of classes in both drawing and painting.  If you are new to the studio but have had previous instruction and experience, please contact us via email or call us at 414-50-ART-50 to discuss available options.

Adult Classes (Ages 12+) ( 0 Class )

Our Adult Class program was designed by Lori Slocomb, our founding studio instructor.  As a former university professor, Lori teaches our studio classes in the same manner, level and structure as her former college courses except they are broken into flexible, once a week sessions for 6 consecutive weeks.  This flexible scheduling always students to begin and continue their education at their own pace within a purposefully structured curriculum.

Note that some of the more advanced classes may require completion of beginner-level classes or teacher's permission upon portfolio submission.  If you're new to the studio, we recommend starting out by reading our Adult Program Overview.

Painting the Masters ( 0 Class )

Painting the Masters is a casual, guided painting session where you'll learn how to recreate an Impressionist masterwork on your own canvas in just a few hours.  You can come by yourself or bring along some friends to the studio.  Don't forget to treat yourself to a craft cider, brew or soda so you can sip while you paint!
All supplies are included in the $29 class fee.
Minimum Age: 12

Kid's Art Classes (Ages 6-11) ( 0 Class )

Our children's art classes are designed for students of all levels of artistic experience and knowledge.  Our instructors and assistants will adapt the material covered in any given class or workshop to the needs of each individual student so that everyone is challenged and encouraged to complete each project.  All material costs are included in the class fee of all kid's classes and camps.  All kid's classes have a 12 student maximum, and two adults will be instructing/assisting in the classroom at all times.  Registration is required to attend.

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Just Teens (Ages 12-17) ( 0 Class )

Our dedicated Teen Program for Middle School and High School students is unique to the summer as these classes are offered in five day consecutive blocks from 1:30pm-4pm and will feature material from our Adult Class Curriculum to jump-start young artists on their artistic journey.  Teen students are also always welcome to register for the studio's Adult Classes.

Open Life Studio ( 0 Class )

Our Open Life Studio is a special, non-instructred session featuring a live nude model.  Students can take advantage of this excellent opportunity to work with a live model at your own pace.  A variety of models will be used for this series and will rotate between male and female models. Pre-Registration is required and students under 18 must have parent's permission.  Contact the studio directly to register for multiple sessions at once for extra savings.

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