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Our Studio is currently on a hiatus from class offerings.  We have loved offering classes in our home in the past, and now, after recently moving to a new home in Genesee, WI; we have decided to temporarily take a break from teaching.  We're settling into our new home, preparing to continue growing our family with another little one, and remodeling Lori's personal art studio.  We are so thankful for having the opportunity to be a learning resource to our students over the years.  We do not know exactly when we might think to offer classes again, but if you're interested in getting updated when the time comes, please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter or send us an email.  We wish you well in your continued creative journey!

Welcome to the Studio

Ready to begin or renew your journey into the visual arts?
Our art studio was designed primarily for adults seeking to learn how to draw and paint in an accessible, structured environment.  Unique to the Lake Country, Milwaukee and Waukesha areas, our studio offers Fine Art courses via an authentic university teaching style combined with flexible scheduling and economical pricing.  Our class sizes are small and intimate and we welcome students of all levels.

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University Teaching Style
The studio class curriculum is either designed or instructed by Lori Slocomb,
a former adjunct art professor from various universities in the L.A. area.  When you take our classes, you're receiving the same content and structured
teaching style found at higher education institutions.
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Flexible Scheduling & Make-Ups
Created to accommodate working professionals, our schedule offers
weekday evening or afternoon class sessions that meet once a week for 6 consecutive weeks.  By dividing our curriculum into 6-week blocks, students can begin and return to the curriculum at their own pace.  We encourage 100% attendance for all classes, so when available, we offer make-up sessions. The first make-up session is free of charge and additional sessions are $30 each.
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Economical Pricing
Our goal is to give our students a fine art education while still being
affordable and accessible.  To do this, we price all of our class fees equally, at the low price of just $12-$13 per hour.  For example, if you register for a class that meets for 2.5 hours per week for 6 weeks, you can expect the price to be $180-$190
(2.5 hours * $12.60 * 6 weeks = $189).
Students are responsible for the cost of supplies which is priced separately since many of the required supplies are used repeatedly throughout the curriculum.
Live model fees may apply to certain classes when appropriate.
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Small Class Sizes
All of our studio classes are limited to just 5-10 students per session, which makes every class intimate and rich yet still casual and friendly.  We can't emphasize enough how wonderful it is to learn alongside a small group of peers.  In fact, as each class project unfolds, students learn not only from their own artistic decisions, but also those of their classmates which accelerates the learning process.  The small class sizes also give the added benefit of increased one-on-one time with the instructor.

Classes for All Levels
Whether you're a complete beginner or a veteran artist, we have a place designed for you at our studio.  Many of our adult students register for classes with either little or no prior art education which is what our Beginner Level Classes are designed for.  Self-taught artists also benefit greatly from these classes which often give a greater understanding, knowledge and insight regarding the technique and style they currently practice.  Continuing students and veteran artists can take advantage of our
and other Intermediate and Advanced Classes.
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