Beginning Painting

Learning to paint is often the end-goal of most students enrolled at our studio. Like drawing, painting also utilizes basic techniques and concepts such as gesture, blind/modified contour, postive/negative space, and value. In order to be a successful painter, these concepts must be well understood and practiced before color and other advanced techniques are introduced into the curriculum. This is why Drawing I and II are absolutely essential prerequisites for any individual desiring to paint.

The studio currently offers three six-week courses, Painting I, II and III, which could be considered the general equivalent of a university-level Painting 101 course. Painting I introduces the student into acrylic and oil paint using the direct painting method with a continued focus on value. Homework assignments begin to introduce color with the creating of a color-wheel and small, limited color palette projects. Painting II continues the work/techniques covered in Painting I and also introduces scumbling and glazing techniques along with a reversed warm/cool temperature project. Painting III harnesses the skills acquired in the two previous classes to guide students to more formal and critical decision-making within the creative process. Class involves supplemental discussions plus both a glazing and collage painting projects.
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