Fine Art Courses FAQ

Q: I would love to learn to paint, but I can't draw.  Can I just take your painting class?

A: Many of my former students, whose work is posted in our Student Drawing Gallery, also once said that they "can't draw."  The truth is, once you learn to see the world from a drawing perspective and learn a few basic techniques, you will be amazed at how quickly your drawing skills will develop.  Drawing is really the backbone of painting, and it is difficult for students to be able to paint successfully without learning the foundational concepts and techniques of drawing.  As Monet once said, "A drawing contains everything a painting has, except the hue."

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Q: I know for sure that I'll have to miss one of the scheduled class times, and something else may possibly come up during the six week course.  What happens if I miss a class?

A: 100% attendance is necessary for success in our courses, but rest assured that any missed classes (expected or unexpected) can be made up with Lori at a time of mutual convenience either the week before or after the missed class.  There are no charges for make-up sessions provided that this policy is not abused.

Q: What is the recommended age group for these courses?

A: Our courses have been designed for students ages 12 and up.  The course material is similar to what Lori taught while teaching at the university level.  If you or your child is under 12, give us a call and we can decide together if our courses would be a good fit.

Q: Your class started last week, so now I won't have the prerequisites satisfied for your next upcoming class.  Can I still take your next class?

A: Don't wait, just contact us! Let us know you're interested, and we might be able to schedule a one-off make-up session to get you caught up before the second week's class.

Q: Is the studio a spiritual organization?  Do these courses teach spiritual  or religious art?

A: The material, techniques, and discussions in our Fine Art Courses are the same found at most high level introductory art courses at the university level.  If you choose to use your gifts for spiritual art, we will certainly help where we can, but spiritual artwork is not a course focus or part of the curriculum.


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