Painting I

Prerequisites: Drawing I and Drawing II or teacher's permission

Course Description:  Painting I is designed to introduce and create fluency in basic painting methods; to encourage, through studio activity, heightened observational awareness; and to create sensitivity to the physical properties of the medium and its visual implications.  The secondary goal of this course is to develop artistic courage and self-esteem through learned discipline, painterly trial and positive reinforcement for experimentation.

Course Schedule -
Week 1: Begin value painting of simplified still-life, acrylic on canvas.  Color wheel project assigned.
Week 2: Continue value painting of simplified still-life, introduce oil over acrylic on canvas.
Week 3: Complete value painting. Class discussion on finished pieces.
Week 4: Begin acrylic under-painting of limited warm/cool palette painting.
Week 5: Continue warm/cool palette scumble painting, oil on acrylic on canvas.
Week 6: Completion and discussion of scumbling/direct painting grisaille with Warm/Cool Color palette. Discuss complex color wheel.

(Homeschool Families Welcome!)

See photos of projects completed during the painting class:
Student Painting Gallery


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